Standard PP woven bag is produced with following specification:
  • Fabric made from Polypropylene.
  • Density: Max 15x15 yarn/inch.
  • Denier: Max 1.600 Denier.
  • Sizing: Width 40cm to 1450cm.
  • Top hemmed: Ragard to request.
  • Bottom stitch: Parallel double.
  • Color: We can supply various color regarding customer.
  • Lamination with PP or PE: Transparent or coloured lamination, laminate thickness range from 20g/m2 to 40g/m2 and width from 40m to 85cm.
  • Printing: On one or two sides. (Standard PP woven bag can be printed in 6 colours/2 sides). Maximum printing length is 1200cm .
  • HD, PE liner: Supply various of HD, PE liner regarding customer’s request.


Polypropylene woven bag production process is expected that the raw material to be mixed by PP pips and other additives. Then the raw material to be sqeezed by melting system as film. Film is cut to get flat yarn in different size. The yarn will be woven by vertical and horizontal yarn weaving. With a flexible process, we can produce as any of customer’s requirement.

HS Production can be produce flat yarn with minimum 1.6mm width, as following specification:

  • Elongation: 16% to 23 %.
  • Inte: 4gf to 5.7 gf/1 denier.



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